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make up
Make up that highlights the natural beauty giving a natural and special look along with natural and clean skin tone.
+Extra fees might be charged for reservation made aside from store hours.
+Shampoo NOT included
Shampoo before any styling done.
Point Make Up
Make up for important occasions and simple outings.
Photo Album Make Up

Graduation, job interview, and etc.: make up for the most important days that need a good first impression.
While maintaining the natural beauty, creates a likeable image highlighting the best beauty points. 


Get an image change that fits the overall mood of gatherings.


We create fancy eye makeup to highlight the eyes using sparkles to match the costume for large stage performances. 


Natural looking make up that would fit with the overall dress and event location giving the soon to be bride a graceful look. 

Baby’s 1st birthday party

We do make up that would fit the dress for this event and would also fit the baby. 

Bride & Groom’s mother

Make up for your most precious child’s marriage that covers the wrinkles and age spots while fitting with the dress.  

Bridal Make Up

Rehearsal photo shoot
Proceeds following the previous consultation keeping in mind the dress and the location. 

Wedding Day
Lovely make up for the bride for a clean invisible skin, and clear eyes using advanced colors for the makeup in order to express beauty. 
- Set Blow Dry & Make up for Engagement and Other Important Occasions
- Style & Make Up for Engagement and Other Important Occasions

Lush. Voluminous. Long. Thick. Gorgeous: Your eyelashes, after an experience at Infore. Using a personal, customized approach, each client receives eyelash extensions to perfectly flatter and suit her style. Top-grade quality materials and tools are used; highly-skilled artisans perform every time 
Full Set
half set
touch ups
lash removal
Semi-permanent makeup or “micro-pigmentation” is the maintenance-free alternative to daily cosmetic application. It can be applied as naturally as you like, so that you can wake up beautiful with zero efforts.
make up lesson
Program to receive the know-hows of the make up professionals.
With customer consultation, you can be put into the right program to learn about the product: how to use it etc.
Receive a one-to-one lesson on the make up techniques that can express your beauty to the fullest with a professional make up artist.

전문반(기초, 고급) - 3개월 과정
A. 개인지도
B. 그룹지도 (4인 이상)
- 파티 메이크업
- 신부 메이크업
- 연주 메이크업
다양한 전문 메이크업 클래스를 통해 여러분도 프로가 될 수 있습니다.
취미반 (3회)
- 파티를 위한 메이크업
- 예비 신부를 위한 메이크업
- 인터뷰를 위한 메이크업

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